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Google Sheets Consultancy

Google Sheets solutions we deliver
Consulting Features
Challenges we have solved
  • Bank risk assessment

  • Budgeting Forecast

How we work
1. Simplifying processes:
  • crystal clear tables, graphs and Excel systems

  • workbooks aligned with business processes

  • full control and visibility of spreadsheets 

2. Automating Excel work with VBA macros:
  • repetitive tasks & reports done with 1 click

  • user-friendly macros control without coding

  • automated error detection

3. Integrating systems:
  • spreadsheets fully compatible with other systems

  • connect Excel with Access, SQL database, Power BI & more

4. Optimising people’s involvement:
5. Documenting procedures:
  • up to 94% time savings

  • Excel works for you, not the other way around

  • get clear insights fast, make quick decisions

  • always under control - even if your colleagues are absent

  • after 2 years, your reports, trackers and tools are still flawless