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Tell us what you want to get from your spreadsheets and we will help you find the best solution.
Reporting tools, dashboards, trackers, automation with VBA macros or maybe a broken spreadsheet?

Our Excel specialists will create or improve your Excel systems and integrate them with all types of software.

We can also migrate it to the cloud, MS Access, Power BI.

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Some Excel solutions we deliver


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  • Financial models

  • Pricing models

  • Stress testing models

  • Reports

  • Consulting presentations

  • Invoices

  • Scorecards

File systems
  • Multiple input/output workbooks

  • Connected spreadsheets

  • Collaborative file structures

  • Calculators (e.g. financial, risk, pricing)

  • Integrated ETL (extract, transform, load) spreadsheets

  • Report, dashboard & document generators

Dynamic deliverables
  • Auto-refreshing Power BI reports

  • Customized systems

  • Cross-software integrations

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Perfect Excel files are just the beginning.
We do much more than designing spreadsheets...

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1. Simplifying processes:
  • crystal clear tables, graphs and Excel systems

  • workbooks aligned with business processes

  • full control and visibility of spreadsheets 

  • repetitive tasks & reports done with 1 click

  • user-friendly macros control without coding

  • automated error detection

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2. Automating Excel work with VBA macros:
3. Integrating systems:
  • spreadsheets fully compatible with other systems

  • connect Excel with Access, SQL database, Power BI & more

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4. Optimising people’s involvement:
  • up to 94% time savings

  • Excel works for you, not the other way around

  • get clear insights fast, make quick decisions

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5. Documenting procedures:
  • always under control - even if your colleagues are absent

  • after 2 years, your reports, trackers and tools are still flawless

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We provide Excel solutions
for all work lines

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If cost reduction and process improvement are your goals, focusing on Excel is a great move.


  • Efficient spreadsheets will give your company full control over data
    without the need to employ expensive programmers.


  • Accurate and user-friendly systems will empower your employees and management.
    Do only what's important instead of fixing errors or copy-pasting.

  • We not only provide Excel & VBA development services. We also improve processes, implement systems, test them, document solutions, train your colleagues and drive your business efficiency.


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We provide Excel solutions
for all work lines

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  • Banking & Financial Markets

  • Consulting

  • Creative Industries

  • Education, Academic & Scientific

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Hospitality & Travel

  • Hospitality & Travel

  • Infrastructure & Telecommunications

  • Insurance

  • Legal

  • Leisure & Local Business

  • Logistics (Including Warehousing & Transportation)

  • Manufacturing & Food Production

  • Marketing & Media - online & offline

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Professional & Business Services

  • Property Market

  • Wholesale, Retail & E-Commerce


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