Excel & VBA Consulting for Accounting departments

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Excel is the number one tool in accounting, allowing to store and process data. Every leading accounting software allows exporting data in xls or csv format. Accountants use Excel about 1/3 of their time and efficient spreadsheet solutions make that work more meaningful and error-free.

How can your accounts colleagues benefit from hiring 
an Excel VBA expert? 

Solutions our spreadsheet developers create and improve systems to help your accounting and bookkeeping colleagues:

  • Save time with simplification and automation of all Excel-based accounting procedures

  • Enjoy flawless reporting: profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, tax, compliance & other

  • Fully control the chart of accounts and databases of customers, suppliers, employees and any other 

  • Standardise work with accurate templates for invoices, cost tracking, petty cash slips, asset inventory

  • Generate customised documents with just a few clicks with macros in Excel- invoices, proposals, payslips & more

  • Prevent errors to assure positive audit outcomes and void time-consuming rework

  • Easily extract, transform and load data from and to accounting software: Sage, Xero, SAP, QuickBooks, ADP and other  

What our spreadsheet developers create for accounting departments? 

Here is an overview of some spreadsheet systems & tools we deliver for clients in accounting verticles. We always provide custom made solutions and they will most likely vary from those below to accommodate the complexity level of your company's Accounts function and meet your business needs.

Excel VAT invoice, receipt & quote generators

When creating documents related to accounting, their structure is standardized. Yet many accounts receivable specialists or those in charge of petty cash manually create documents.

Use a document generator to choose or type only information needed and have even 1000s of invoices created from a simple table.

End-to-end data processing systems in Excel

When working with different accounting systems you often generate data. Sometimes you need to manually check it, record it in another system, convert it to pivot table format...

Use custom-made spreadsheet to cleanse, convert or consolidate system-generated data. Use it also to prepare right format for loading data or even have your spreadsheets communicate with other software through VBA macros.

Spreadsheets with lists & searchable databases

Whether it's a chart of accounts, supplier list or stock & inventory, accountants process tonnes of data. It pays off to have well-structured lists you can quickly search and update.

Cost trackers, mileage and expense reports in Excel

Accepting expense, mileage and per diem claims may be cumbersome without the right process and Excel template. Constraining input and having a well-thought structure saves you from chasing for receipts or additional clarification.

Banking transaction processing in spreadsheets

Process banking transactions with a minimum of manual work. Have them automatically classified based on criteria. Have suspicious transactions colour-coded. Generate insights such as pivot tables, custom cashflow graphs or even entire dashboards.

Other Excel & VBA solutions

Tell us what you need and we will help you to choose the right spreadsheet solution. There is a lot of potential in improving Accounting workflows and ambitious Accounts Directors & Managers we work indicate the right areas.

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Be on top of your data with Excel & VBA tools tailored for your business

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