When you already have a team of advanced Excel users and would like to automate tasks and create efficient analytics or reporting pipelines, VBA macros would best solution. Your team doesn't need to have a coding background or previous VBA knowledge. We will teach you only practical things so you can perform tasks.  

VBA for Excel

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Excel Macros: Fundamentals of VBA


This is the first step to learn programming in the user-friendly Visual Basic for Applications VBA. You need to have at least an intermediate knowledge of MS Excel for this course, but no programming skill is required. We will cover the following topics:

  • What is VBA and how to use it effectively

  • VBA interface & functionalities (macros, functions, user forms)

  • Basic building blocks of VBA

  • VBA macro recording

  • Framework for VBA macros: record, improve, loop, test, implement

  • Types of tasks we can perform in VBA

  • How to expand VBA programming skills on your own

Excel VBA macros for Consultants


Present data-driven insights in a standardised form that’s comparable and scalable. Fully leverage your consulting skills supplementing your decks with right visualisations and reports that follow your organisation’s standard by default. Automate to focus on what’s important by learning:

  • Automation of Power Point graphs and data presentation

  • Principles of effective report and deck standardisation

  • Automated email sending

Excel with introduction to VBA macros for Team Leaders & Managers


If you manage a team by example, that’s probably the course for you. After the course, you will be able to put to practice both new skills as well as broader frameworks for using them. Equipped with new knowledge, you will know how to drive efficiency & automation. You will be able to standardise outputs of your colleagues’ work to a reasonable degree, allowing for consistency, high standards and scalability.

  • Addressing ground level efficiency issues

  • Leading generalist vs specialist team

  • Error prevention & best practice retention

  • Designing and conducting recruitment Excel test

  • Taking out the guesswork of spreadsheet work

  • Managing reporting, BI, administrative work pipeline

  • Not falling behind the technical frontier