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Corporate training

  • From how many employees is it possible to create Excel In-Company training?

For the best learning results and to fully utilise the effects of scale, we suggest training to 4-20 at one time.

If the number of your colleagues falls outside of this interval, please contact us anyways and we will try to arrange a suitable solution for you.

  • What structure does the company need to provide?

A basic conference room with a big screen or a project would be sufficient for the training. If your company is no ability to provide such an arrangement we are happy to conduct the training in a rented venue with prior notice.

  • Do we need to bring our laptops?

We highly encourage participants to bring their own laptops so they can learn in the environment that’s well-known to them. It is, however, possible for us to arrange laptops with prior notice at the agreed price.

  • What Training Can I Give to My Employees?

For Excel training, we offer a number of standard training packages and also let you customise it.

  • But what is the level of my employees? How to train several teams?

We are happy to help you diagnose the skillset of your team(s) and assist you in preparation of the right training strategy. We do that with quick online diagnostic tests and calls that you can distribute to your colleagues.

  • How much does your training cost?

The prices vary greatly, depending on length, location and material cover. Please use this form to get a quote.

  • Are you carbon-neutral?

We strive to be a lean company and except for regulatory requirements, we are 100% paperless whenever possible. Therefore, we provide by default only digital copies of our course material.

  • What makes you different from other providers?

We are a small company that provides individual treatment to every customer. You will always be assisted in choosing the right scope of training by qualified trainers and will never be directed to the overseas call centre.

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