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Power BI Dashboard Creation

We are experts in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis & Process Improvement.

Our Power BI Consulting services will allow you to optimise the reporting to make data-driven decisions across your organisation. Transform your business intelligence with real-time dashboards, detailed insights, and accurate forecasting. 

We do much more than pretty charts:

  •  We will design the entire process - from data origination to end-user reporting;

  •  We will combine your requirements with the best BI practices. The chances are that we worked with multiple companies in your industry, and we know how to curate charts and insights to make them easy to understand and compare;

  • We will test, implement, and document it. You will not need to waste time showing the dashboards to your colleagues - just share a walkthrough video with them.

With our Power BI Consulting Services, data is no longer a mere resource - it's a strategic partner in carving the future for your business.

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Get insights from hundreds of data sources

Leverage compelling, easy-to-read reports

Speed up and improve decision-making

Drive higher sales and revenues


Business Intelligence Solutions

Unlock the true potential of your raw business data with our Power BI Consulting services

Our Power BI Consultants transform complex datasets into interactive and intuitive reports through proficient data processing and advanced Data Visualisation techniques.

Whether you're just beginning your Power BI journey or looking to enhance an existing implementation, our Power BI Consulting services are designed to suit your unique needs. 

Our team of expert consultants provides the necessary solutions and ongoing support to elevate your Power BI usage to the next level. With a strong focus on customisation, we are here to facilitate your utilisation of the Power BI platform to its fullest.

Data processing
  • We will audit and revise your source data structures if needed

  • We will ensure it’s optimally processed and fed into Power BI to minimise manual work and chances for error

  • You will enjoy precise, well-documented data without duplicates, errors or structural shortcomings

Data visualisation

  • All charts, graphs & diagrams will combine simplicity & accuracy of insights.

  • Every chart will be optimised and curated to justify its presence.

  • All units, assumptions, and metrics will be clearly defined and explained.

Full Scope Power BI Consulting

Accelerate your Business Intelligence Journey

We transform your complex datasets into interactive and intuitive reports that can inform your business decisions. Whether you're just beginning your Power BI journey or looking to enhance an existing implementation, our MS Power BI Consulting services are designed to suit your unique needs.

Our team of expert consultants provides the necessary solutions and ongoing support to elevate your Power BI usage to the next level. With a strong focus on customisation, we are here to facilitate your full use of the Microsoft Power BI platform.

Power BI Implementation

Streamline Your Business Intelligence

Boost your business intelligence capabilities effortlessly with Power BI, a tool that simplifies data collection, analysis, and visualisation. It helps reveal essential insights from complex data sets, fostering informed decision-making.

At Senacea, our Power BI consultant expedites this transformation process. We identify your unique business needs and evaluate Power BI's compatibility with your existing setup. Utilising these insights, we devise a custom Power BI implementation strategy, laying the foundation for a powerful and efficient data management system.

Dashboard Planning and Designing

Facilitating Data Interpretation

A well-crafted dashboard is pivotal to data visualisation. It enhances the ease of data access and interpretation, thereby enabling more informed decision-making. However, dashboard design poses its own set of challenges, making the expertise of a Power BI consultant invaluable.

At Senacea, our Power BI consultants excel at designing tailored dashboards to meet our clients' needs. During the design process, we meticulously consider the nature of the data, the user base, and the overarching dashboard goals. We aim to create a user-friendly, insightful dashboard that seamlessly integrates with your decision-making process.

Power BI Customisation 

Bridging Systems for Data Unity

A key advantage of Power BI is its capacity for integrating numerous applications and systems, offering a unified view of your data. This facilitates trend spotting and pinpointing areas for growth. At Senacea, our Power BI consultants excel at harmonising Power BI with your existing applications and systems to ensure a fluid workflow and maximise Power BI's potential.


Our Power BI customisation services focus on:

  • Fine-tuning Power BI settings for optimal performance

  • Connecting to enterprise solutions for seamless data interaction

  • Utilising ready-made or custom connections for diverse data sources

Power BI Integration

Unifying Data across Salesforce, Google Analytics, Azure SQL Server

One standout feature of Power BI is its seamless integration capabilities with diverse applications and systems, providing a consolidated data view. This ease of data access streamlines trend analysis and enhances the identification of potential growth areas.


Our Power BI consultants specialise in integrating Power BI with your preferred applications and systems, streamlining your workflow and maximising your Power BI utility. We have expertise in unifying data across:

  • Salesforce: Improve CRM data visualisation and analytics.

  • Google Analytics: Enhance website performance tracking.

  • Azure SQL Server: Leverage comprehensive database management solutions.

This integration strategy ensures an uninterrupted flow of information and fosters a unified business intelligence approach.

Post-deployment Support & Maintenance

Ensuring Consistent Power BI Performance

Understanding the complexities of Power BI is integral to its successful deployment, making ongoing support crucial. Our Power BI consultants provide continual assistance post-deployment, covering troubleshooting, technical support, and user training.

Our Power BI consulting services go beyond mere technical support; they also include comprehensive documentation, implementation workshops, and user manuals. We offer strategic advice on best practices to optimise your Power BI experience.
In essence, we're committed to ensuring you harness the full potential of Power BI with consistent and high-quality support to keep your business intelligence activities at their peak.

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How to Start?

Power BI Consulting Process

From Data to Success with Our Expert Team

Our Power BI Consulting process begins by comprehending your data and unearthing potential areas for enhancement. After identifying these opportunities, our Power BI consultants collaborate with you to devise action plans to boost business performance.

Our Power BI Consulting services include data analysis and modelling, business process improvement, performance management, dashboard and report design, data visualisation, and end-user training and support.

  1. Discovery and Needs Assessment

Our initial step is to fully understand your business needs and objectives, working closely with you to determine precise project goals.

2. Data Analysis

With the goals in place, we delve into data analysis, strategising its optimum utilisation to achieve the set objectives.

3. Solution Development

We formulate a plan for the implementation of a BI solution tailored to your needs, which might involve developing custom applications or reports, migrating from other systems, or integrating Power BI with existing software.

4. Implementation

Our collaboration extends to implementing the most suitable solution, possibly encompassing staff training on the new software, providing support during the solution rollout, and delivering comprehensive documentation and user guides.

5. Evaluation

Upon implementation, we assess the efficacy of the BI solution, possibly monitoring metrics over time or conducting user surveys, ensuring optimal performance and return on investment.


Data-driven decision making


Power BI Consulting Benefits

Beyond beautiful charts

The ability to derive meaningful insights from data is paramount in an increasingly data-driven business landscape. Power BI enables users to connect to various data sources, analyse data intuitively, and generate insightful reports. Its user-friendly interface makes it a suitable choice for businesses looking to embark on a business intelligence journey without incurring additional costs.

With regular updates introducing new features and capabilities, MS Power BI remains an evolving platform, adept at catering to the changing needs of businesses.

Implementing Microsoft Power BI in your company brings numerous advantages. It bolsters decision-making by granting easy access to data and insights. It enhances performance by facilitating progress tracking and promptly pinpointing growth opportunities. With Power BI, your business can remain agile, data-savvy, and poised for continuous growth.

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Proactive Problem-Solving

Power BI consulting helps detect potential business challenges before they escalate, allowing you to maintain a healthy growth trajectory.


By monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and spotting anomalies or unfavourable trends, you can proactively mitigate risks and prevent minor issues from becoming significant problems.

Uncover Business Opportunities

 Access to real-time data and advanced analytics enables you to make well-informed decisions about your company's future, whether launching a new product, entering a new market, or adjusting your business strategy.

With Power BI consulting, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your company's growth and longevity.


Power BI Integrations

Harnessing Holistic Data for Informed Decision-Making

Integrating Power BI with other platforms enables businesses to capture a holistic view of their operations, fostering well-informed resource allocation decisions. Power BI's distinctive advantage is its ability to integrate seamlessly with various platforms, bringing data from multiple sources into a unified, accessible interface.

Such integrations streamline data sharing across different departments and systems, fostering efficiency and enabling better decision-making grounded on accurate, real-time information. In today's competitive business landscape, leveraging data effectively is crucial for maintaining an edge.

Power BI offers the tools to delve into organisational data, drawing actionable insights for informed decision-making. Consequently, it becomes essential for any business aiming to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

  • Microsoft Excel: Power BI integrates seamlessly with Excel, allowing you to import data from Excel spreadsheets and perform advanced analytics.

  • Microsoft SharePoint: Power BI can connect to SharePoint lists, facilitating collaboration and information sharing.

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database & Azure Synapse Analytics: These cloud-based databases integrate well with Power BI for large-scale data analysis and visualisation.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: Power BI can pull data from Dynamics 365, allowing for a detailed analysis of CRM and ERP data.

  • SQL Server Analysis Services: Power BI can connect to SSAS models, allowing for complex data modelling and analysis.

  • Google Analytics: Power BI integrates with Google Analytics to provide robust website and marketing campaign analysis.

  • Salesforce: You can connect Power BI to Salesforce to create reports and dashboards from your CRM data.

  • Oracle Database: Power BI can connect to Oracle databases, providing real-time analytics and reporting.

  • SAP HANA: Power BI's integration with SAP HANA allows for large-scale data analysis and visualisation.

  • Amazon Redshift: Power BI can integrate with Amazon's cloud-based data warehouse for large-scale data analysis.

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What Our Clients Say

"The work done by Senacea on our advanced Risk Reporting system using Access with SQL, VBA & Excel enabled automation of the report running, eliminating the need for manual error checks and saving a significant amount of time."

Mahmoud, Head of Operational Risk

Banking Institution



  • Excel templates
    Templates keep it neat. Many businesses use them intuitively, using the previous month's report or recently used files to create another instance. We help you advance with thoughtful, automated and documented templates so you can save time and scale up your repeatable work.
  • Spreadsheet models & optimisation
    Rendering, simulating and investigating scenarios is crucial in business. We enable that with bespoke models that deploy statistics, econometrics, microeconomics and business insights. We delivered a wealth of Excel models for teams in various industries. Most common modelling challenges regard budgeting & forecasting systems for finance. Also, banks, investment firms, consultancies & logistics businesses use models heavily to valuate their investments models (property, stock, derivatives) and optimise resources.
  • Reporting with Excel & VBA
    Most businesses base their decisions on reports yet the methodology of their generation is often outdated. Let's develop & automate your reporting. We will find the optimal scope, design, create and implement reporting packages. In turn, your managers, clients & other stakeholders will be able to leverage meaningful insights to make accurate and timely decisions. We can help you with financial reporting, spending, business insights, KPI tracking and more. You may monitor sales or recruitment performance metrics, cost & spending or manage workloads and time tracking data. All of that inside bespoke spreadsheets or Power BI. You can enjoy repetitive reporting processes being automated with Visual Basic (including production, export and sending by email). You can create structured reports with a few button clicks.
  • Dashboards & visualisation
    We design and create clear graphical representations of your most complex business scenarios with Excel, Power BI, Google Data Studio & PowerPoint. Together with you, our Excel Specialists will choose the most meaningful graphs and charts so you can have all the data insights at your fingertips. You will quickly spot actionable areas and draw accurate conclusions or test different scenarios.
  • Tracker Spreadsheets
    Excel is a popular tool for capturing data and information. If you are tracking your projects, and performance, it’s crucial to ensure data quality and comparison potential early on to not waste time later. We develop bullet-proof trackers and advise on data structuring and processing.
  • Excel Generators with VBA
    Spreadsheets are useful to create custom documents and presentations, especially when containing insights. Invoices, consulting presentations and investment summaries can all be produced at scale with a macro-driven Excel template. Just choose the data source, and parameters and click a button to generate 1, 2 or 200 reports in seconds.
  • Calculators in Workbooks
    Excel is often used as a multifunctional calculator. Sales agents can quickly produce complex quotes using it. Finance, investment and insurance professionals can deploy it to calculate returns, premiums or payback periods to just name a few use cases.
  • Excel-based databases
    Spreadsheets still beat many custom databases used in logistics, e-commerce or by sales and marketing executives. Having all your products or stock components you can easily update and modify them. We can help you customise files to integrate databases with accounting, finance or invoicing systems.
  • Spreadsheet file systems
    A cascade of files can be hard to manage, especially if the links between them are not controlled. We can simplify and repair them without sacrificing any useful functionalities.
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