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Case study 

Class Booking System
for Sports Coach Company

The Challenge
  • The client, a 'hire a coach' business, struggled with tracking and managing class bookings, cancellations, and rescheduling across different schools in the UK.

  • They faced difficulties in efficiently summarising and tracking data related to the services provided by different coaches.

The Solution
  • A function to add new classes and record them.

  • An option to update reference lists with new schools, teachers, and sports classes.

  • Data filtering to display specific classes, clients, or coaches.

  • Summaries of important data such as class frequencies and client statistics.

  • Customisation of data display, colour coding, and data visualisation.

The Impact
  • Based on specifics, the system was developed within a week, with costs ranging from £200 to just over £1000.

  • The solution significantly enhanced the client's operational efficiency by allowing them to effectively track, summarise, and manage all the classes and services provided by their coaches.

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The Challenge

Senacea was approached by a UK-based 'hire a coach' business that provides temporary coaching and physical education services to different schools nationwide. The challenge lay in keeping track of all the clients, class bookings, cancellations, and rescheduling. The aim was to deliver an efficient system to calculate, summarise and track the different classes conducted by various coaches.

The client struggled to efficiently track all the classes, exceptionally rescheduled or cancelled. Moreover, summarising the data of the various classes and services provided by the different coaches posed another significant challenge.

The Solution


Upon a thorough analysis of the client's case and discussion of their needs and the information they wanted to track, Senacea developed a customised class booking system, which included the following key features:

  • Class Addition: A functionality allowing the client to add and record new classes in the system.

  • Reference List Update: An option to add new schools, teachers, and sports classes, making them available in respective fields.

  • Data Filtering: An ability to quickly filter to display specific classes, clients or coaches.

  • Data Summaries: Summaries of important information, such as the number of classes each coach conducts, the frequency of certain classes delivered, and client statistics.

  • Customisation and Visualisation: Customisation of information display, application of colour coding, and data visualisation through charts.

This system was designed to reduce human error, with dropdown lists implemented to avoid typos. Colour coding was introduced to identify booked, cancelled, or pending classes quickly.

Moreover, the system allows for a high level of customisation based on the client's preferences. The user can add further features, such as charts, links, lists, pricing schedules, a grouping of classes, and class numbering in a learning cycle. Automation, including email notifications and data exports, can also be integrated per the client's needs.

Explore how Senacea designed a bespoke class booking system for a UK coach hire business. With features such as class addition, reference list update, data filtering, summaries, and customisation, we enabled the client to track and manage their coaching services efficiently. Learn more about the system's features, the process, and the remarkable results in our case study.


The Project Impact

Senacea developed the customised class booking system within a week, with costs ranging from £200 to just over £1000, based on specific details. This solution enabled the client to efficiently track, summarise, and manage all the classes conducted by various coaches, dramatically enhancing their operational efficiency.

Senacea's customised class booking system provided a comprehensive solution to the client's tracking and management problem. The system's ability to add, filter, summarise, and customise data provides a powerful tool for businesses managing a large number of classes and coaches.

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