Excel Consultancy cost

We are spreadsheet specialists - that's not a popular job title and there are no salary guidelines for it. We also work globally and don't differentiate our prices by your location.


A typical project involves more than one person as we specialise in different ideas.

An Analytics Consultant can evaluate your project, VBA Developer codes Excel macros and an Excel Designer structure the front-end.

How much do Excel Experts charge for their services?

We always emphasise it depends on the project and thus we evaluate each project for free. This way, you are guaranteed to pay only for what you need. After a call or email exchange with us, you may also realise that there are simpler or better solutions than you initially imagined. With this approach, we can ensure we will charge you for the solution that will address your unique needs.

What the price depends on and how can I ensure I get the best price?

  • Project complexity is the main factor defining the price. Think of the number of Excel files, worksheets and cells, their repeatability, presence and sophistication of VBA code, and standardisation of the related processes. If you have manuals, system documentation, technical descriptions, and SOPs, sharing them can help us grasp your system faster.

  • Contact us sooner rather than later. We know that meeting quarterly goals often takes priority over improvement initiatives but... Why not get our help with scoping the project? Usually, it's enough to share the Excel workbooks, sample data or output files and a short description of what you need. We can save you many hours by directing you to the best solution scope and starting your project faster.

  • Get a quotation for the solution and not the work. Hourly rates are meaningless when you don't know the number of hours. What matters is the price you will pay for the functional, implemented solution. We always charge you only for the solution and not our time - even if it would take us more time to develop than planned.

  • Don't forget about testing, implementation & training. We provide them as part of our service. You will receive a functional solution and will be able to test it. We will help you integrate it with your systems - can migrate data, and connect with other software. Your colleagues will get training on its use and everything will be documented in concise manuals so you can use the new systems for many years.

How do your prices compare to your competitors?

  • We deliver top quality solutions for mid-range costs. Clients treasure us for delivering sustainable solutions that they fully own without a dependency on external providers. You only pay us once for agreed deliverables which is rare in the IT industry where providers rely on retainers.

  • We are a lean and highly specialised business. We won't waste your time and we are fast to deliver. You will benefit from the new systems quickly and we will address all potential risks.

Need tailored solutions for your small business? 

Start your Excel project today

We recommend including us in your project early on so we can help you choose the right scope of solutions. You can send us a message with a description of your project to get a quick price quotation or arrange an exploratory call to discuss it in detail.