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Google Sheets Automation

Google Sheets is more than just a spreadsheet tool - it's a robust platform that, when harnessed correctly, can significantly improve your business operations. But why waste your time figuring it out when our expert Google Sheets Developers can do it for you?

Our Google Sheets Development Services are designed to automate routine tasks, minimize errors, and free up time for more strategic tasks - ultimately enhancing productivity and efficiency.

We Deliver Comprehensive, Tested Solutions


Explore our specialised tools to simplify complex calculations, automate reporting, and streamline data management. Enjoy a more efficient and productive workflow, enabling you to focus on strategic business decisions.

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File Systems

Enhance your data management with our advanced file systems. Whether you need interconnected workbooks, collaborative file structures, or dynamic spreadsheets, we've got you covered. 



Save time and ensure consistency with custom templates. Whether you're generating reports, creating presentations, issuing invoices, or tracking performance metrics, custom templates simplify these tasks. 

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Benefits of Google Sheets Automation Consulting

Engaging our Google Sheets Automation Consulting Services brings you tangible benefits:

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Expert Support:

Our team of expert Google Sheets developers provides ongoing support and advice to ensure you maximise the benefits of automation and improve overall business performance.

Optimised Decision-Making:

With Google Sheets Automation Consulting, you can build real-time dashboards and reports, providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate data. 

Collaborative Environment:

Google Sheets automation fosters a more collaborative work environment. Shared access to automated spreadsheets allows team members to view, edit, and update data in real time. 


Google Sheets Automation Consulting Solutions

We provide comprehensive services to drive your business growth:

Custom Spreadsheet Solutions:


We specialise in creating tailored Google Sheets solutions, from financial models to project trackers. Our services boost both productivity and accuracy for your business.

Full Project Management:

We handle the entire process, from needs assessment to post-implementation support, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Data Insights & Visualisation:

Transform your data into interactive dashboards and visualisations that offer valuable business insights using Google Sheets and Google Looker Studio.

Bespoke Internal Tools:


Using Google Sheets as a foundation, we develop custom tools like CRM systems and inventory trackers that integrate with your business processes.

Automate Your Workflow:


Save time and focus on what matters by automating repetitive tasks like data entry and invoice generation with Google Sheets.

Secure Data Management & Reporting:


We organize and protect your data in Google Sheets while providing automated reports to help you make data-driven decisions.

AppScript Customisation:


Enhance Google Sheets with App Script for specialised functionalities and seamless integration with other Google Workspace tools.

Training & Ongoing Support:

Our comprehensive training and support services ensure you can effectively use and maintain your new automated systems.

Google Sheets Automation Consulting Process

Our consulting process ensures a smooth transition towards Google Sheets automation:​

Our Google Sheets Automation consulting process commences by understanding your data and pinpointing potential enhancement areas. After identifying these opportunities, our Google Sheets Automation consultants collaborate with you to formulate action plans aimed at amplifying business performance.

Our Google Sheets Automation Consulting services span a wide array, including data analysis, process automation, report generation, dashboard creation, custom tools development, and end-user training and support.


1. Understanding and Needs Assessment

Our initial step is to fully comprehend your business needs and objectives, collaborating closely with you to determine precise project goals.

2. Data Examination

With the goals established, we delve into data analysis, strategising its optimal utilisation to achieve the set objectives.

3. Solution Design

We conceive a plan for the implementation of a Google Sheets Automation solution tailored to your needs. This might involve developing custom tools, automating processes, integrating Google Sheets with existing software, or migrating from other systems.

4. Implementation

Our collaboration extends to deploying the most suitable solution. This could involve staff training on the new automated systems, providing support during the solution rollout, and delivering comprehensive documentation and user guides.

5. Evaluation

Upon implementation, we assess the efficacy of the automation solution, potentially monitoring key metrics over time or conducting user surveys to ensure optimal performance and return on investment. Our Google Sheets Automation Consulting Services sets your business for efficiency, accuracy, and growth.

Streamiled Business Operations


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Experience the transformative power of Google Sheets automation firsthand. With our expert Google Sheets developers, we'll help redefine your business operations, boost productivity, and foster growth.

Entrust us with your journey to digital transformation. Explore our Google Sheets Automation consulting services.


Reach out today - together, let's shape the future of your business with intelligent, seamless, and efficient processes.

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  • Excel templates
    Templates keep it neat. Many businesses use them intuitively, using the previous month's report or recently used files to create another instance. We help you advance with thoughtful, automated and documented templates so you can save time and scale up your repeatable work.
  • Spreadsheet models & optimisation
    Rendering, simulating and investigating scenarios is crucial in business. We enable that with bespoke models that deploy statistics, econometrics, microeconomics and business insights. We delivered a wealth of Excel models for teams in various industries. Most common modelling challenges regard budgeting & forecasting systems for finance. Also, banks, investment firms, consultancies & logistics businesses use models heavily to valuate their investments models (property, stock, derivatives) and optimise resources.
  • Reporting with Excel & VBA
    Most businesses base their decisions on reports yet the methodology of their generation is often outdated. Let's develop & automate your reporting. We will find the optimal scope, design, create and implement reporting packages. In turn, your managers, clients & other stakeholders will be able to leverage meaningful insights to make accurate and timely decisions. We can help you with financial reporting, spending, business insights, KPI tracking and more. You may monitor sales or recruitment performance metrics, cost & spending or manage workloads and time tracking data. All of that inside bespoke spreadsheets or Power BI. You can enjoy repetitive reporting processes being automated with Visual Basic (including production, export and sending by email). You can create structured reports with a few button clicks.
  • Dashboards & visualisation
    We design and create clear graphical representations of your most complex business scenarios with Excel, Power BI, Google Data Studio & PowerPoint. Together with you, our Excel Specialists will choose the most meaningful graphs and charts so you can have all the data insights at your fingertips. You will quickly spot actionable areas and draw accurate conclusions or test different scenarios.
  • Tracker Spreadsheets
    Excel is a popular tool for capturing data and information. If you are tracking your projects, and performance, it’s crucial to ensure data quality and comparison potential early on to not waste time later. We develop bullet-proof trackers and advise on data structuring and processing.
  • Excel Generators with VBA
    Spreadsheets are useful to create custom documents and presentations, especially when containing insights. Invoices, consulting presentations and investment summaries can all be produced at scale with a macro-driven Excel template. Just choose the data source, and parameters and click a button to generate 1, 2 or 200 reports in seconds.
  • Calculators in Workbooks
    Excel is often used as a multifunctional calculator. Sales agents can quickly produce complex quotes using it. Finance, investment and insurance professionals can deploy it to calculate returns, premiums or payback periods to just name a few use cases.
  • Excel-based databases
    Spreadsheets still beat many custom databases used in logistics, e-commerce or by sales and marketing executives. Having all your products or stock components you can easily update and modify them. We can help you customise files to integrate databases with accounting, finance or invoicing systems.
  • Spreadsheet file systems
    A cascade of files can be hard to manage, especially if the links between them are not controlled. We can simplify and repair them without sacrificing any useful functionalities.
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What Our Clients Say

"The work done by Senacea on our advanced Risk Reporting system using Access with SQL, VBA & Excel enabled automation of the report running, eliminating the need for manual error checks and saving a significant amount of time."

Mahmoud, Head of Operational Risk

Banking Institution

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