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We are a UK-based company that brings the best efficiency for spreadsheets and processes related to them.

Diverse, complementary backgrounds let us provide you with comprehensive solutions. We also conduct training courses. (4).jpg

Michael Sena

Company Director,

VBA, Excel, Process Improvement Expert & Trainer 



Business Development & Marketing Director (6).jpg


Business Intelligence Expert,

Power BI Developer

with Python & SQL skills (3).jpg


Finance & Process Management Expert experienced

in development, leading

and transforming

finance & analytics departments (2).jpg


Quantitative Analysis,

Investment  Operations Management Analyst,

founded e-commerce company with €2 mln annual revenues  


Many customers find us searching for an Excel Expert, Spreadsheet Guru, Wizard or even Ninja.
You can call us that but we do more than the tool development.


As Analytics Consultancy specialising in spreadsheet solutions, we transform & automate the way you work with Excel. On top of developing spreadsheet templates and systems, our work combines all aspects of specialised consulting:

  • We advise on the solution scope. You know your business but we know the tools and worked with many businesses in your industry. Sometimes clients discover their challenges can be solved for the fraction of the effort they anticipated!

  • We improve business processes. Many projects result in simplifying things. You may no longer need to do over hours to catch up with data recording. We can transform your 5 messy files into one that is well structured and documented. We always work holistically.

  • We treasure your time. We ask all the right questions and make spot-on suggestions. You won’t waste your resources and time.

  • We only charge you for what you need. All the deliverables are agreed upon and locked in before you pay.

  • You will own the systems we developed. No strings attached - when we hand over the new system, you will fully own and control it. No dependency after delivery unless you want it expanded or need external servicing.

  • We are a professional & lean company. No bureaucracy. Just simple, straightforward agreements & proposals. We are also a fully transparent company.

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