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Excel Experts & VBA Consultants
for Small Business

Small businesses require special treatment as their spreadsheet systems are often cross-functional and bespoke. Creating them, we often work alongside the owners or CEOs to enable them to scale analytics and save their time. Getting things right at the beginning makes a difference allows focusing on the core business activities.

Small business owners can benefit from the help of Excel Experts by:

  • Saving time on repeated tasks

  • Building scalable solutions

  • Error-proofing their systems

  • Deploying tools fitted for the purpose

  • Connecting, repairing and improving spreadsheet systems


Excel Solutions for Small Business

Project Trackers in Excel

When you need a bespoke system to manage your projects or sales process, spreadsheets can be a good solution. You will be able to view all relevant statistics and leverage Gantt charts.

Custom CRM spreadsheets

We can develop a system that will let you log all relevant information in a structured way (drop-downs, input constraints) and summarise it with flexible dashboards.

Simple financial systems

Track your cash flow, project your sales & control costs. Stay in control of payments and P&L.

Forecasting & Budgeting tools

Generic financial models are rarely suitable for small businesses which often focus only on a handful of revenue and cost categories. Their predictability may also be limited and require scenario analysis and frequent manual input. 

Stock & Sales Analytics

Be on top of your sales and control margins. See which categories perform best.

Pricing Calculators

Generating accurate and detailed price quotations is crucial for many companies. Excel allows managing all components of that and exporting neat, branded PDFs with itemised cost positions.

Data cleansing & structuring

You may come across a large or unstructured dataset that you can't efficiently process. It's very likely we can handle it in an automated way, using best data cleaning practices and some coded procedures to do it at scale.

VBA macro development

Whenever you notice some process requires repetitive manual work, it can probably be automated with the use of Visual Basic. After that, it will be enough to press a button and choose specific actions to be done automatically in a matter of seconds. 

Reporting Analytics design

We can not only develop reports for you but also advise on which summaries would provide the most relevant insights.

Start your Excel project today







We recommend including us in your project early on so we can help you choose the right scope of solutions. You can send us a message with a description of your project to get a quick price quotation or arrange an exploratory call to discuss it in detail.

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