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Excel Experts & VBA Developers

In an era defined by data, nothing is more vital than understanding and leveraging the power of information. We're here to help you do just that.


As leading Excel Experts and VBA Developers, we offer a spectrum of specialised services that transform your spreadsheet tasks into powerful business solutions.

Trust us with your data; we will help you unlock new possibilities. Our Excel Experts and VBA Developers are ready to partner with you, turning your spreadsheet challenges into strategic solutions for growth.


Let us help you excel with Excel!

Uncover the Power of Your Data

Explore how our Excel Experts can revolutionise your data management.


Schedule your free consultation call now, and let's set the stage for your enhanced spreadsheet strategy.


Your journey toward unparalleled productivity begins with a simple click.

Our Services

Excel Consultation: Our Excel Experts provide customised advice to unravel the complexity of your spreadsheet challenges. We turn your data into a strategic resource, driving efficiency and innovation in your processes.

Excel & VBA Development: We're both wizards with Excel and proficient VBA Developers. We automate your repetitive tasks, design interactive dashboards, and create custom macros to increase productivity and save you precious time.

Project Planning & Management: From conception to completion, we stay with you every step of the way. We deliver a comprehensive project plan, clearly outlining deliverables, deadlines, and budgets. Plus, our continual communication ensures you're always in the loop.

Post-Implementation Support: Our relationship doesn't end when your project is completed. We stand by our work, providing ongoing support and troubleshooting to ensure your solutions remain effective and efficient.

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Excel & VBA Deliverables 
Powering Your Business with Customized Solutions

 Excel Tools
  • Calculators (price, quote, valuation, HR, comission & more)

  • ETL (extract, transform, load) solutions

  • Data migration tools

  • Report, dashboard, presentation & document generators

Spreadsheet Models
  • Financial forecasting

  • P&L, Cashflow, Balance Sheet

  • Risk simulation models

  • Pricing & valuation models

  • Stress testing models

Excel Templates
  • MI Reports

  • Consulting presentations & reports

  • Invoices & quotations

  • Scorecards & KPI review 

  • & more

Excel Automation
with VBA macros
  • Automated data processing

  • Data migration

  • Excel systems connected
    to external Databases

  • API connections

  • Interactive models 

  • & more

Dynamic and non-standard deliverables
  • Auto-refreshing Power BI reports

  • Customised systems

  • Cross-software integrations

Let our Excel Experts and VBA Developers create the perfect solutions for your business needs.

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Excel Experts working
Ease of use & full control

Excel Automation Solutions 
For Every Department, Every Work Line

Whether you're in finance, operations, human resources, or marketing, our customised Excel solutions are designed to supercharge your productivity. We tailor our Excel spreadsheets to your unique business requirements, ensuring they're not just another tool but a strategic asset that enhances your work processes.

But we don't stop at helping you complete tasks. Our mission is to empower you to derive maximum value from your data, enabling rapid and informed decision-making that propels your business forward.

Combining our deep Excel expertise with our proven process improvement strategies ensures that your spreadsheets remain up-to-date and effective. This robustness translates into smoother cross-functional collaborations, making project execution more accessible than ever.

No matter the department or line of work, we're ready to revolutionise your data management. Let our Excel automation solutions pave the way for heightened efficiency and superior business insights.



Automate Excel files you use for cost accounting, invoicing, collections, reconciliations, AP, AR, assets and more.



Organise your invoices, trackers, lists, inventory spreadsheets & more.


Analytics & BI

Your reports and dashboards can be automated with VBA macros. Your models & calculators optimised.



We develop clear, error-free balance sheets, CF and P&L statements for your reporting, budgeting and forecasting needs.


Human Resources

Make informed decisions with insightful employee retention, diversity and salary analysis.



Create custom marketing analytics reports for ad performance, website visits and more with clever spreadsheets.


Project Management

Be on top of the workload and resource planning with Gantt chart and tracker Excel files.



Track recruitment cost & efficiency, automate reporting and collate data from different sources.



Draw actionable insights from sales performance reports, deploy robust pricing tools & product catalogues in Excel

Start your Excel project today

Optimising your project's success begins with getting us on board early. By including us at the onset, we can collaborate closely with you to define the most suitable scope of solutions tailored to your specific needs.

To initiate this collaboration, send us a brief description of your project. This will allow us to provide a prompt, preliminary price quotation tailored to your requirements. Additionally, you can schedule an exploratory call where we can delve into the nuances of your project in greater detail.

Start the conversation today. Let our Excel Experts and VBA Developers help shape the trajectory of your project for maximum impact and efficiency.







We share our Excel & Analytics insights in top journals and websites.

Popularising people-centric automation is our mission.

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What Our Clients Say

"The work done by Senacea on our advanced Risk Reporting system using Access with SQL, VBA & Excel enabled automation of the report running, eliminating the need for manual error checks and saving a significant amount of time."

Mahmoud, Head of Operational Risk

Banking Institution

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