Excel & VBA Consultancy

Spreadsheet Solutions that bring tangible business benefits

Our Excel consultancy services go beyond the customisation and automation of spreadsheets. Our Excel consultants and process improvement experts create solutions that are seamlessly integrated with your company systems and software, such as MS Access, Salesforce, Sage, Power Bi and many others.



Automate unnecessary manual work in Excel to empower your colleagues and reduce cost.

Clear decision making

Use smart spreadsheet systems
for clear, actionable data insights.

People independent
& future proof processes

Assure business continuity with manuals, procedure recordings & documentation.

Hire Excel & VBA Consultants

to benefit from: 

Error prevention

Detect potential data discrepancies 

with diagnostic messages,

input & user access constraints.

Scaling through standardisation

Use customised templates to assure quality, measure & improve performance.

Ease of use & full control

Be on top of your data regardless
of IT skills with full-spectrum
control panels.

We offer more than Excel Experts developing tools...


Our Excel Consultants leverage their expertise and partner with you to deliver sustainable business change. Weeks of consulting, spreadsheet development & implementation empower your colleagues for years with Excel skills, lean processes and technical documentation. 


Magnifying glass
  • Technical evaluation 

   to find the right solution scope

  • Requirements gathering

     on stakeholder workshops

Spreadsheet Development


Process Improvement

043-test tube.png
  • Testing & user-friendly design (UX)

  • User training & documentation

  • Support & system expansion


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Frequently asked questions

I need quick help with some files that don't work, can you help me?

Yes, fill up the message form and we will respond to you asap with an offer and proposed scope of the solution.

My firm could use some help to make Excel work efficient. Should I contact you now or evaluate what we need first?

Contact us now, even when unsure. We will use our Excel & VBA expertise to help you explore options. You will save a lot of time and there are no strings attached.

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Call us at + 44 020 8144 8043 or send email to info@senacea.co.uk. We will respond promptly.

How fast do you answer to queries?

Almost every time we read your query just right after you send it and respond in the matter of minutes or hours, depending on complexity.

My company is based in country X. Can you come to our office?

If you would like that, we surely can.

Most of the services we provide could be done online, saving you both cost and time, but when meeting in person can add extra value

to your project, we are happy to do so. We are also very approachable online, giving our customers a "face to face" experience in the times of remote work.

Spreadsheet solutions by goal

Reporting & information tracking

Make an accurate and timely decision with flawless reporting.
We will help you to choose the right scope, create and implement reporting for your management, clients or other stakeholders. That can include financial reporting, spending, business insights, KPI or more. You may monitor working times, operation logs or keep track of your sales or recruitment performance metrics with bespoke spreadsheet or power BI reports. All repetitive processes could be automated, including email sending.

Modelling and optimisation

Let us find accurate solutions with the right models, using statistics, econometrics, microeconomics and business insights. We may provide budgeting & forecasting models for your finance department.

Your operational departments might want to leverage demand planning, forecasting or predictive models. We also create valuation, insurance, property market as well as price & promotion models for consulting clients. Logistics and transportation firms reach us for optimisation solutions, with solver and bespoke models that let them manage their fleet, warehouse inventory and expected spending.

Spreadsheet repair

Every office sometimes needs an Excel expert to help when legacy spreadsheets refuse to cooperate. Therefore, we fix or rebuilt you corrupted, unresponsive or not fit for the purpose Excel files.

We diagnose the performance of your spreadsheet against your requirements to repair and improve it promptly. We also provide remote support, when possible.

Data processing and migration

Data is our building material. Therefore we strive to assure its best quality.

We help you with all the steps: extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). We gather data from different sources to cleanse and structure it. Then, we process it to meet your requirements. For repetitive processes such as manual data entry, we implement error-prevention & diagnostic tools, while for collaborative work, we set version control systems. This way, you can have easy access to your data, assuring seamless integration with other software, such as SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint, Power BI, PowerPoint. With precise data flow management procedures, you can keep track of your data exports, imports and file location directories.

System & tool building

Tell us, what capabilities your company need and we will create the right tools, templates and systems that will let you achieve your goals.
You may need a system to cyclically convert data to business insights, plan and schedule operations or generate field reports. Other time you may require a bespoke payroll spreadsheet system, customised marketing workbook or even entire budget consolidation system with multiple file inputs.

Process creation and improvement

We always consider broader picture, which involves processes. To optimise them, we follow principles of Prince2 and Lean Six Sigma for agile and waterfall environments.
You will enjoy the benefits of the shorter operational or reporting cycles and will never again have to worry about the business continuity. Your processes will be future-proof and not people-specific. And that’s because we will eliminate all the wasteful processes and document the procedures in PDF format and with the screen recording videos. Error prevention and version control systems will protect you from rework and costly mistakes. Finally, all the stakeholders will be trained to assure smooth implementation.

Dashboards & visualisations

We design and create clear graphical representations of your most complex business scenarios in Excel, Power BI & PowerPoint.
Let us standardise your table formatting and distinguish what’s most important or unusual. Our Excel consultants will carefully choose the right graphs and charts so you can have all the data insights at your fingertips to instantly draw accurate conclusions and test different scenarios. Whether you are looking to improve control over financial data, convert healthcare data into actionable insights or provide your client with data-driven consulting decks, we will help you with our tailored solutions. From concise top-down dashboards to in-depth granular data analysis.

Spreadsheet automation

We help you automate dull, manual work and standardise unnecessary variability to decrease error rates and empower your colleagues. Our Excel consultants will help you to find the right balance between automation and detail-orientation so you can increase your operational capacity while retaining quality.
Think of intelligent Excel macro systems that will process your data inputs and feed appropriate workbooks or tables to generate reports, invoices, payslips and various documents in seconds. Then you may choose to automatically send them to your usual recipients with our email sending tools.


Our Excel expertise covers many business functions

Choose your area to see an overview of benefits, tools and solutions

we provide for efficient Excel & VBA use.

You can hire Excel Experts specialised in your Industry

We also deliver bespoke solutions for Excel use in various industries, satisfying analytical and operational needs specific to the business area.

  • Banking & Financial Markets

  • Consulting

  • Creative Industries

  • Education, Academic & Scientific

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Hospitality & Travel

  • Infrastructure & Telecommunications

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  • Legal

  • Leisure & Local Business

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