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Business Analytics Consultancy

We are a boutique consulting firm based in London specialising in Process Improvement and Business Intelligence. 

We develop customised tools and templates that unlock efficiency and actionable insights for businesses of all sizes, helping them to achieve a competitive advantage with automation and actionable insights. 

Whether you want to eliminate time-consuming bottlenecks, streamline operations, or enhance decision-making with data-driven insights, we are here to help.

Our Consultants are specialed in:

Custom automated tools in Excel & Google Sheets

Improvement and repairing complex spreadsheet systems

Business Models and Analysis

Custom Dashboard Creation

Automated Reporting System Development & more.

Our Analytics Services in 3 Core Areas

In just a few weeks, you can start reaping the benefits of our services. With our expertise, you can  unlock business insights and achieve operational excellence.

Data Analysis

& Modelling

Business Process Automation

Template Design & Improvement

File Migration

& Data Management

Business Efficiency & Insights

Business Intelligence

Reporting & Documentation

Business Process Automation

We help you automate and streamline your essential operational processes. Our solutions range from designing Sales Process Management Systems and Resource Allocation tools to developing Staff Training Trackers and Budget Management Systems. 

Data Analysis & Modelling:

Making informed decisions is vital for any business. We provide comprehensive data analysis and predictive modelling tools that support your strategic decision-making process. We ensure that you have the right data at your fingertips to make the best possible business decisions.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions provide actionable insights and a clear overview of your business performance. We design tools that will help you monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions.

What our Business Consulting can do for you

Business Process Improvement:


Automating and enhancing day-to-day operational tasks to improve efficiency.


  • Sales Process Management System

  • Project Management and Tracking System

  • Pricing and Quotation System

  • Resource Allocation and Management System

  • Staff Training and Development Tracker

  • Expense and Budget Management System

  • Permits & Consents Tracking System

Data Analysis & Modelling:

Tools for comprehensive data analysis, predictive modelling, and forecasting to support decision-making.​

  • Financial Modelling and Analysis Tools

  • Sales and Revenue Forecasting Tools

  • Project Valuation and ROI Calculator

  • Business Scenario Modelling and Analysis

Business Intelligence:

Dashboards and visualisation tools for providing strategic insights and monitoring business performance.

  • HR and Talent Management Dashboard

  • Business Performance and Productivity Dashboard

  • Client and Market Analysis Dashboard

  • Project and Operations Dashboard

  • Financial Performance and Profitability Dashboard

Reporting & Documentation:


Automation of report generation, documentation, and presentation processes for improved transparency and communication.

  • Automated Financial and Business Performance Reports

  • Project and Operation Reports

  • Client and Market Analysis Reports

  • Training and Compliance Reports

Template Design & Improvement:


Designing and enhancing customised templates for specific business applications.

  • Customised Business Proposal and Presentation Templates

  • Project Planning and Delivery Templates

  • Pricing and Quotation Templates

  • Business Process Documentation Templates

  • Financial Modelling and Analysis Templates

File Migration & Data Management:

Solutions for efficient data migration, management, and integration across various platforms.

  • Data Migration and Conversion Systems

  • Data Management and Cleanup Tools

  • Data Integration and Synchronization Solutions

  • Spreadsheet and Database Management Tools

Benefits of our Business Analytics Consultancy

Transform your business operations with Senacea. Our bespoke automation solutions align seamlessly with your unique business needs. 

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Tailored Automation Solutions


Our team of experts work hand in hand with you to develop bespoke automation tools that align seamlessly with your unique business operations.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

By automating routine tasks and complex processes, we free up valuable time for your team, enabling your business to focus on strategic initiatives and less on mundane tasks.

Informed Decision-Making

Our data analysis and modelling tools provide comprehensive insights into your business, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions.

Discover Our DAID Approach to Business Analytics

Our DAID (Discovery, Automation, Implementation, Documentation, & Training) process is designed to ensure your business fully leverages the power of automation. This comprehensive approach ensures the delivery of top-tier customised solutions, their practical implementation, and your team's adept handling of the tools. Unearth the benefits of structured automation with our DAID process.


Detailed analysis to uncover your unique business needs and identify opportunities for automation.



Development of tailored automation tools and templates that perfectly align with your operations.



Seamless execution and integration of your new automation tools to help achieve your objectives.

Documentation & Training


Comprehensive user guides and hands-on training for your team to ensure full utilization of your new automation tools.





Free evaluation

Contact us & get your project evaluated for free

We offer a free evaluation of your needs with no obligation to proceed. Our team will use as little of your time as necessary and do all the heavy lifting.

During our free evaluation, we will take the time to understand your unique situation and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your needs. We will also explain how our services can benefit you and answer any questions.

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What Our Clients Say

"The work done by Senacea on our advanced Risk Reporting system using Access with SQL, VBA & Excel enabled automation of the report running, eliminating the need for manual error checks and saving a significant amount of time."

Mahmoud, Head of Operational Risk

Banking Institution

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