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Excel Consultancy


We're experts at solving Excel problems. We can help you automate your Excel spreadsheets, repair them and make them more efficient. We'll help you unlock the power of data-driven decision making so you can improve your business.


Wouldn't it be great to have a consultant who is an 

Excel Expert  and can help you with all of your spreadsheet needs? 


Well, that's what we are! We know how to save time and avoid errors, so let us help you get the most out of your data.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

We deliver full, tested solutions.
Get Help with your Excel Files
Our Excel Specialists can create or improve responsive models, tools, trackers, and templates for all industries.

Move away from spreadsheets
Integrate or migrate them to all types of software like MS Access or Power BI.

Find the best solution & improve processes
That includes implementation manual & warranty - guaranteed to work and save you time.

Solutions our Excel Consultants deliver

Our Excel VBA Specialists help businesses of all sizes to make spreadsheets work.

Get help with all your spreadsheet files: corrupted, suboptimal or newly developed.

We provide free advice on optimal systems.

Can't find yours?
Let us know, we can do it.

Simple automation macros

Add templates, migrate data, set printing areas or send emails with a few button clicks.

User-friendly Excel systems

Add constraints and instructions to your spreadsheets.


Warn users about incorrect input, perform safety checks and unlock the power of VBA.

VBA Report Generators

Get your data cleaned, transformed and summarised easily with Excel templates with bespoke macros.


Prepare client-ready branded reports in Excel, PDF or PowerPoint in seconds.

Document generators

Generate bespoke quotations, payslips, invoices and statements and send them to your customers

Excel VBA Tools & Models

Leverage Visual Basic to aid work on complex models. Refresh, calculate, simulate and produce insights with optimised macros.

Bespoke & complex Excel systems with VBA

Scientific tests, econometric analysis or maybe investment risk models? Let's create systems to address your needs.

Spreadsheet Consulting
solves all your Excel challenges 

On top of Excel file design & VBA development, our Excel Consultants leverage expertise in business analysis, process improvement, system testing & implementation. We have a team of experts that ensure the best project impact for your business while staying cost-efficient.

Simplifying effects.png
1. Simplifying processes:
  • efficient Excel systems, clear data flows, structured tables with drop-downs

  • workbooks aligned with business processes

  • full control and visibility of spreadsheets 

  • repetitive tasks & reports done with 1 click

  • user-friendly macros controlled without coding

  • automated error detection & prevention

Spreadsheet automation.png
2. Automating Excel work with VBA macros:
3. Integrating systems:
  • spreadsheets fully compatible with other systems

  • connect Excel with Access, SQL database, Power BI & more

Integrating systems.png
4. Optimising people’s involvement:
  • up to 94% time savings

  • Excel works for you, no more dull tasks

  • get clear insights fast, make quick decisions

Team productivity.png
5. Documenting procedures:
  • SOPs, manuals, screen recordings, implementation calls 

  • always under control - even if your colleagues are absent

  • after 2 years, your reports, trackers and tools are still flawless

Get started today

Our Excel Experts can create or improve your Excel & VBA systems and integrate them with all types of software. We can make loading and extracting data extremely easy. Automate the Excel input and output to your CRM, accounting & finance software and many other programmes with intelligent and user-friendly macros.







Spreadsheet Consultancy Benefits

Your colleagues likely use Excel for 30 minutes to 3 hours every day. For a team of 10, that's up to 7000 hours/year. Making your spreadsheet systems efficient allows you to move to the next level and focus on what's important.

Hiring Excel Consultants is an investment with top ROI that pays off within weeks or months.

spreadsheet consultancy.jpg

Saving time

Your colleagues spend 0.5-3 hours per day in Excel. Work faster with templates & VBA automation.

Clear decision making

Data-driven choices with accurate and structured insights.

Error prevention

Avoid data entry mistakes and formula errors with structured Excel systems.

We provide Excel solutions
for all work lines

The Excel spreadsheets we create for you will be tailored to your unique business needs and priorities.

We'll not only help you get your work done, we can  help you get the most out of your data so you can make informed decisions quickly and easily! 


Our expertise combined with our process improvement skills mean that spreadsheets are always up-to date. Plus, they make cross functional projects easier than ever before.


Automate Excel files you use for cost accounting, invoicing, collections, reconciliations, AP, AR, assets and more.



Organise your invoices, trackers, lists, inventory spreadsheets & more.




Analytics & BI

Your reports and dashboards can be automated with VBA macros. Your models & calculators optimised.



We develop clear, error-free balance sheets, CF and P&L statements for your reporting, budgeting and forecasting needs.


Human Resources

Make informed decisions with insightful employee retention, diversity and salary analysis.



Create custom marketing analytics reports for ad performance, website visits and more with clever spreadsheets.


Project Management

Be on top of the workload and resource planning with Gantt chart and tracker Excel files.



Track recruitment cost & efficiency, automate reporting and collate data from different sources.



Draw actionable insights from sales performance reports, deploy robust pricing tools & product catalogues in Excel

Our customers often come from these industries.
Is yours here?


Banking & Investments

Save time and avoid errors with optimised xls templates for financial operations, investment & risk models and reports.


Charities, NGOs & Government Organisations

Use bespoke Excel trackers and report generators. Calculate and analyse metrics needed to make decisions. Satisfy the requirements set by the regulation or internal policies.

Excel consulting.png

Consulting & Business ServicesLet us automate custom reports & presentations for customers, cost accounting and purchasing with smart Excel & VBA templates.

Education & Science.png

Education, Science & High Tech

Automate Excel files used for grading, lab testing, QC, LIM, statistical, econometric & engineering modelling.

Excel for Hospitality.png

Hospitality & Travel
Optimise hotel forecasting & budgeting spreadsheets. Automate travel expense & mileage reporting.

Spreadsheet communication.png


Draw customer insights, track cost and manage geolocation models with spreadsheet systems.

Insurance spreadsheets.png


Model and price premiums for all types of insurance segments. Project Cashflows, stress test and stay compliant with efficient Excel systems.



Organise your case files, track external consultants and manage legal projects with Excel trackers.



Manage deliveries, optimise resources and keep track of your warehouse stock without trouble. Integrate systems with accounting.

Excel for Manufacuring sector.png


Plan productions with dynamic Excel resource optimisation systems. Calculate profit margins & material demands.

Excel for Healthcare.png

Medical & Pharmaceutical
Manage sales, pricing elasticity, cost & components. Create dashboards & reports in Excel or Power BI.

Real Estate spreadsheets.png

Property Market & Constructions

Track costs, manage projects and model returns of your investments with easy-to-use workbooks.

Excel for Ecommerce.png

Wholesale & Retail, E-commerce

Understand your sales, optimise promotion & price impact and track costs with comprehensive Excel systems. 

Our Excel Consultants worked with all major business sectors and will leverage that knowledge to find optimal solutions. We will likely be able to reassure you if the systems are up to the industry standards. 

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What Our Clients Say

"The work done by Senacea enabled automation of the report running, eliminating the need for manual error checks and saving a significant amount of time."

Mahmoud, Head of Operational Risk

Banking Institution

We are trusted analytics & spreadsheet experts quoted by industry journals
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If cost reduction and process improvement are your goals, focusing on Excel is a great move.


Efficient spreadsheets will give your company full control over data
without the need to employ expensive programmers.


Accurate and user-friendly systems will empower your employees and management.
Do only what's important instead of fixing errors or copy-pasting.

We not only provide Excel & VBA development services. We also improve processes, implement systems, test them, document solutions, train your colleagues and drive your business efficiency.


Get a free assessment or just book an informal conversation.







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71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

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