Financial modelling in Excel & Spreadsheet consulting for Finance departments

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Finance Directors, Financial Controllers and Analysts spend on average over 550 hours every year working with Excel. The accuracy of financial data recorded and analysed in spreadsheets has implications on decision making by the executives. Also, financial forecasts have a crucial impact on business planning and the speed of Finance function determines company's ability to adapt and function. 

How an Excel Expert can benefit your Head of Finance and the team?

Our team has Excel Modellers & Developers specialised in the development and transformation of Finance domains in companies of all sizes. We are able to evaluate the bulk of operations that stretch beyond spreadsheets and include the process and performance improvement. Our clients especially treasure:

  • Elimination of time-consuming, mundane procedures that distract and lead to burn-out of Financial Controllers and high junior employee rotation 

  • Forecasting & budgeting processes optimisation with precisely-documented processes and clockwork spreadsheets that automatically execute up to 97% of manual work

  • Improved reporting satisfaction with clean, uncluttered and purposeful dashboards & visualisations

  • Predictable, error-free procedures aided with VBA macros and screen recordings, allowing for quick delegation when your colleague gets ill or leaves the company

  • Enhanced cross-departmental cooperation facilitated by file version control, access restriction, automated file editing logs, robust error prevention systems, colour coding, diagnostic messages & other enhancements

What our Excel Experts specialised in Finance can develop? 

During initial Excel consultation or workshop, our spreadsheet consultant will advise you on what types of tools and systems in Excel we can develop for you or enhance with VBA macros.    

Financial models in Excel

Financial modelling is one of the crucial skills of Financial Analysts and Finance Controllers. We make it easier with the right analytical frameworks, templates and automation.
We are going to partner with you to understand the complexity of your business operations you would like to reflect in your model.
It often involves collating data from various sources and gathering requirements from representatives of different company functions. Then we leverage our financial and technical expertise to create model or models with the right level of granularity. We will facilitate different scenarios if hat's the right way to go and lay out all the assumptions related to uncertainty. You will then have a robust model with complete documentation that you can use for many years in the future and customise to a reasonable degree.

Budgeting spreadsheet systems

Budgeting can be very time consuming and require input from various stakeholders. It often places a disproportional burden on the Finance Director or Financial Controller.
We help not only with the spreadsheet development and design, but we also facilitate collaboration between the contributors.
Usually, we evaluate different data sources and workbooks that our clients use for storing and generating them. We unify the methodology of budget creation for various departments to assure that the level of granularity and the period breakdown allows consolidating data. We simplify and often merge the existing data flows with the focus on correctness and shortening the submission cycles. Such a carefully crafted process with an appropriate spreadsheet development truly improve the collaboration and make the communication of the Finance with the company owners or board of directors very clear. Especially that every step of the process is optimised to support work and use by the involved stakeholder, the owner of the financial planning process will see all the connections between monthly forecasts and budgeting consolidation, while the CEO will be pleased to see a high-level report that allows seeing the makeup of specific accounts and revenue or expense positions only when required.

Operational, quarterly & multi-year forecasting worksheets

Forecasting revenues, sales volumes and different cost and expense categories is a significant role of Financial Planning Managers and Finance controllers. It affects the entire company and is very vulnerable to changes that produce discrepancies.
We develop solutions that connect and integrate your forecasting processes and make them lean.
We facilitate the inclusion of scenario and event-driven cases to help you fully reflect the operational capacity of your business and plan accordingly. We are experienced in creating dynamic systems that accommodate complex structures of your business where seasonal spikes of demand influence your demand for inputs and workforce. We focus on creating systems that reflect your business environment and allow you to keep control after handing you over the spreadsheets and their documentation.

Financial reports

We develop a great variety of financial reports to match your requirements. Our Excel & finance expertise allow us to partner with you in choosing the right scope and form of the report and set up a viable spreadsheet system to generate them. Reach out to us for all types of such deliverables, not only the main three (balance sheet, P&L, cashflow). We will gladly originate custom made solutions to match your unique reporting needs.

Financial Consolidation Excel files

Financial consolidations are often the most important deliverable that Finance teams produce for company owners. It is a great opportunity to provide a clear view of the financial state of the company and be appreciated for the work that led to the creation of the consolidation.
Use our consultancy services to get help with your financial consolidation. We will evaluate all the aspects of the project and help you not only with the spreadsheet development but also with improvement of the processes, documentation and transparency of the technical side of the process.

Balance sheets (also with financial ratios)

Modernise your Excel balance sheets and optimise the process of their creation. We will help you to achieve a clear, organised view and will integrate them with other financial statements.

Income statement workbooks

Get help with your income statement spreadsheets. We will support you with the design that reflects your business goals as well as with defining and improving the mechanics of the file creation.

Cashflow models & projections

Cashflows are crucial for many businesses, and the reporting turnaround times might often be short.
We will partner with you in reflecting your comprehensive cashflow positions and projecting the future ones. We will assure the right level of granularity to satisfy your management reporting requirements.

Spreadsheets integrated with financial software

Finance work is highly reliant on the outputs from different specialistic programmes. Very often, data generated by financial software requires curation to prepare reports. Similarly, you may need to prepare it for loading onto the system.
Use our help to be on top of every process that combines the use of spreadsheets and dedicated financial software. Data processing and cleaning become extremally easy with smart templates and the use of visual basic macros which modify your data in seconds and do not require coding from you. It is also possible to establish direct communication between your workbooks and system-generated data via API or data connections. Let our financial Excel consultants and VBA developers integrate your spreadsheets with the use of other programmes.

Financing & loan amortisation plans

Loan repayment plans often involve elements of financial mathematics, making it vulnerable to grave mistakes.
We leverage our expertise in financial mathematics to prepare loan amortisation and capital breakdown workbooks that are concise and easy to use. We will develop it with the right level of detail, including compound interest, time value of money and tax implications to reflect the real cost of financing. You may also request us to develop files that will allow for optimisation of the capital structure or generation of more sophisticated outputs.

Custom made Excel systems

We are happy to accommodate your needs for tools, models and Excel systems you desire. Whether you would like to consider multiple scenarios or require solution specific to your industry, such as financial model for property management business, we are thrilled to help you!

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