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Looking for MS Excel Consultants? 

We provide Ms Excel courses for all software versions (2007,2010, 2013, 2016, Office 365 & more) and on all levels. No matter if your team is comprised of the advanced users or you need training in basics, we can elaborate a suitable learning programme for all the knowledge levels. We also deliver group courses directed to specific job functions, such as classes for accountants & finance specialists, data analysts, administrative employees, and other departments.



Corporate Training offer by Senacea
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We aim to meet all your learning objectives. On our workshops, your employees will find topics ranging from the basics of how to navigate through Excel and convert files to pdf, ppt, how to export, import and analyse data, present it with pivot tables and appropriate design. You can also learn or improve your knowledge of lookups (also xlookup), formulas and use workbooks. For advanced users interested in automation, we offer basic VBA macros training modules that meet various business and functional objectives. Your employees or team members can learn how to use Excel’s developer mode, record macros, automate tasks, send emails, migrate data and more.

Check course outlines for lists of topics we cover or customise your group training with us here:

Why are we different?

We deliver training that makes a real impact. Unlike many other providers and resources widely available online: videos, pdf manuals, lists of tips, we don’t just bombard you with random knowledge nor read PowerPoint slides.

Learning and accreditation

During the test, we focus on what’s most important - practice to maximise learning outcomes. No need to make notes; you will receive concise knowledge packs. We will guide all the participants through all the tasks and provide comprehensive certification after the course with the option for LinkedIn skill endorsement.

Course tailoring

We carefully learn what you need, prepare sample data and course schedule, especially for the audience, your employees. If you are not sure what’s the proficiency level, we are happy to provide you with a quick diagnostic test to find out so you can choose the right scope of the course. 

Course cost

If you are looking for a quick cost estimate, please fill up this form. In terms of pricing, we are mid-range, lean company. We compete with quality, not with the prices of our courses because the highest cost you bear is always the cost of time of your employees – forgone because of the course participation or inefficient work. You may check our simple calculator to estimate ROI, which would typically indicate a payoff period of several months.

We provide training in all major UK cities and near them:

  • Aberdeen

  • Belfast

  • Bristol

  • Dublin

  • Edinburgh

  • Galway

  • Glasgow

  • Guilford

  • Hull

  • Kent

  • London

  • Newcastle

  • Nottinhham

  • York

  • Yorkshire




No slide reading. No slack time. Every minute counts.



Analyse factsheets. Work on our materials under close supervision.


Concentrated factsheets & materials, no chaotic 100-page slide booklets.



Data that looks familiar. Tasks you do at work.



Detailed certificates issued.


  • Data Analyst and educator with 10 years of experience

  • author of the courses

  • experienced in teaching all types of people: from challenged to talented, teenagers to senior citizens

  • supportive, yet not intrusive

  • obsessed with time effectiveness & process automation.

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