• Michael Sena

Excel & VBA projects: Hiring consultant vs sourcing internally

Whether you are planning to repair legacy Excel sheets, automate reports, or reorganise analytical processes, one question persists. Should you commission the project internally or seek for the help of an Excel Expert for hire or VBA Developer?

This article will provide you with a framework to identify relevant dimensions to weight the pros and cons to make the right choice.

Is it only about the hourly rate?

The rule of thumb is to choose to outsource when it is less costly than doing it internally. This, however, gains complexity when you accurately define and relate the cost to the acquired benefits.

Not in the narrow understanding of value, but value-added perspective.

Simply put, your pros and cons balance sheet should not only include the retainers you pay to VBA Developer but also the value of business/time lost while waiting for the solution, impact of potential errors, suboptimal functionalities. You want to accurately lay them out for an Excel Consultant and an internal source. Here are the maj