• Michael Sena

Why so many firms use inefficient spreadsheet systems?

Even when your company hires Excel Experts & VBA Programmers, inefficient spreadsheet systems might hinder the performance of your teams for reasons you might have not considered.

This article describes the mechanisms that preserve and hide analytical inefficiencies, depraving Company Directors from accurate intelligence and Specialists from the well-organised work environment.


Company budgets quite rarely include performance improvement position. Vertical information flow often fails to capture the decreasing efficiency of Excel-based systems and processes. That disincentives analysts and their line managers to drive spreadsheet automation and standardization, preserving antiquated and time-consuming systems of broken Excel files.

1. Lack of awareness

The headcount growth limits the agility of change and identifying the root causes of inefficiencies. The higher we go in the company verticals, the less granular work efficiency perception is.