Excel & VBA Consulting for Human Resources

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Employee data requires thoughtful treatment. People Directors & HR Business Partners shouldn't be enslaved by outdated systems that don't allow for robust management and processing of employment and payroll data.

How Excel Specialist make the work of HR,

Learning & Development Departments much easier?

Our spreadsheet "wizards" and Excel macro developers bring you:

  • Radical elimination of repetitive work with programmed automation

  • Privacy compliant solutions with selective workbook access

  • Intuitive integrations with HR systems via data export & import arrangements

  • Standardisation & easier policymaking thanks to templates

  • Quick and painless reporting & planning with automated calculations & dashboards

  • Customised payslip generation using one-click Excel macros 

What spreadsheet solutions we deliver?

We create a number of different Excel file types, always prioritising usability and your goals. Our deliverables foster your daily work as well as collaboration with managers of different teams, Finance Directors and C-suite. Clear top-to-bottom reports and clever dashboards arm you with arguments that convince the board of directors.

Save time, make clear decisions and prevent errors

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