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Excel & VBA Consulting for Administrative departments

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Office & school administrators bind all the company departments. It requires a smooth exchange of information that is often time-sensitive and confidential. Spreadsheet templates & CSV extracts from enterprise systems are frequently used to process a high volume of data and create reports by administration managers, clerks and personal assistants.    

How Excel programmers can aid administrative work?

Spreadsheet developers enhance your workbooks and create smart tools so your corporate administrators can:

  • Spend less time on data entry using smart Excel templates

  • Avoid errors with data validation and automated checks

  • Change data formats and structures with one click thanks to VBA macros in Excel

  • Effortlessly search and expand databases in workbooks

  • Catalogue files, documents, logs & more

  • Send customised emails in bulk directly from Excel

  • Enjoy fast scheduling and efficient resource management leveraging Excel allocation algorithms

What an Excel Consultant may create for your administrative function?

Our templates, tools, control panels and automation programmes facilitate data entry, management and access.

They help you to combine the duties of record-keeping & managing registers with optimising, reporting and compliance aspects of your work. It's easier with well-documented spreadsheet systems that limit unnecessary bureaucracy.


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