Excel & VBA Consulting for Administrative departments

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Office & school administrators bind all the company departments. It requires a smooth exchange of information that is often time-sensitive and confidential. Spreadsheet templates & CSV extracts from enterprise systems are frequently used to process a high volume of data and create reports by administration managers, clerks and personal assistants.    

How Excel programmers can aid administrative work?

Spreadsheet developers enhance your workbooks and create smart tools so your corporate administrators can:

  • Spend less time on data entry using smart Excel templates

  • Avoid errors with data validation and automated checks

  • Change data formats and structures with one click thanks to VBA macros in Excel

  • Effortlessly search and expand databases in workbooks

  • Catalogue files, documents, logs & more

  • Send customised emails in bulk directly from Excel

  • Enjoy fast scheduling and efficient resource management leveraging Excel allocation algorithms

What an Excel Consultant may create for your administrative function?

Our templates, tools, control panels and automation programmes facilitate data entry, management and access.

They help you to combine the duties of record-keeping & managing registers with optimising, reporting and compliance aspects of your work. It's easier with well-documented spreadsheet systems that limit unnecessary bureaucracy.


Document creation systems

Administrative departments very often handle a multitude of documents. Excel could aid the creation of many of them.
With our bespoke document generators, you can create MS Word, PDF, PowerPoint and many more document formats directly from Excel workbook. Simply fill up template tables with the information that will change across files (such as name, surname, date of issue, ID number, and so on) and press a button. That will trigger VBA macros (programmed Excel procedures) to do the rest for you. In seconds or minutes, you will see the files in the desired format being saved in the destination folder.

Schedule & timesheet management workbooks

Scheduling meetings gain complexity when done at scale. Why not make it easier with designated systems?
Specially crafted Excel workbooks, both online and offline, allow you to quickly schedule meetings up to your requirements. You can set restrictions on timing, conference room availability, send automated emails and integrate it with other systems. Suppose you manage a large corporate office or space rental is an essential part of your business. In that case, you can also generate reports showing all relevant metrics, such as space use, booking and cancellation rates or revenue by property.

Searchable archives of documents & files

When digital documents and files pile up, it's easy to lose control. That's a very common struggle of the administrator of growing corporate offices, especially those providing services that involve high volumes of documents.

Use Excel files as interactive content tables listing all the files you archive or store. Add custom tags, file administrators, sort by category or deadline. Simply open and access files by clicking on hyperlinks.

Databases of resources & inventory

Controlling the inventory of office furniture, electronics, supplies & stationery might be time-consuming, especially when you have to keep the record of every expenditure to hand it over to the accounts.
Use the spreadsheet that will help you to classify all your purchases and track the usage of office goods. You can also produce reports and generate documents confirming the handing over to the staff.

Logs & registers with integrated reporting

Logging visits, meetings, company pass submissions seems trivial, but the time cost adds up.

To make it faster and more accurate, you can use workbooks that constrain and help you categorise your input, create checklists, volume reports and fulfil other needs in this area.

Email communication workbooks

Sending emails about the new company policy or event often takes more time than it could.

You may use Excel for automated email sending. Just define the fields that will change, the body of the message, recipients and so on, and then send it with a single click of a button in Excel. It is simple and you can fully customise it to save time on sending 10s or 100s of separate messages.

Administrative budgets

Creating an annual administrative budget might be a daunting task even for the experts in the field that know the expense structure in and out.
Simplify it using templates that support budgeting and forecasting of the cost. Include previous years data for comprehensive picture and accurately reflecting the value over time.

Cost trackers

Register the cost of inventory as well as supportive services in Excel and generate confirmation slips. Depending on your office structure and scope of duties, you may also gather cost reports or submissions from the employees.

Register the cost of inventory as well as supportive services in Excel and generate confirmation slips. Depending on your office structure and scope of duties, you may also gather cost reports or submissions from the employees.

Organisational charts

The complexity of corporate structure grows exponentially.

Create visual representations of your office structure to always know employee dependencies when approached. Track important dates and gather data you need for communication and the scope of your work.

Bespoke tools your administration needs

Every office and company is administered differently. If you are currently using Excel for some administrative tasks and want to improve or scale it, let us know. We are happy to advise and support you with choosing the right arrangement.

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