• Michael Sena

Excel Automation - what is it and how to use it?

Every person regularly working with Excel reflected on how some of their spreadsheet work could be done better. Whether to avoid boredom, potential errors or scale some processes, automation could be helpful if not revolutionary. How to approach it?

What does Excel automation really mean?

It's simply limiting manual work done in spreadsheets to receive specific outputs. It may (but doesn't have to) involve Visual Basic procedures (macros) or external tools and programming languages different from VBA. In many cases, Excel automation may be achieved through process improvement and standardisation, such as template origination.

Automation goals

Before diving into specific solutions, it's necessary to define the automation expectations. And they can vary greatly, depending on our goals. A home budget spreadsheet needs to be practical but not excessively aesthetical. Simultaneously, the profit & loss sheet of a banking institution or most of the financial spreadsheet solutions have to ensure utmost accuracy e