• Michael Sena

Excel & VBA developer, modeller, expert or consultant - are they all the same?

Most of the companies could use some Excel help once in a while. Whether looking for just a single Spreadsheet Expert or entire VBA Development company, it is good to know the difference between Excel & VBA Programmer, Modelling Specialist, Expert and Consultant to make the right choice.

Excel Experts

What do the majority of Excel Experts do?

This generic term is probably the most frequently used when speaking about skilled spreadsheet users. The vast majority of professionals calling themselves Excel Experts are solopreneurs sharing Excel tips online and creating bitesize tutorials.

How to benefit from their Excel expertise?

They are very useful members of the Excel User Communities, democratising Excel knowledge with their video tutorials, blogs and online courses. Some of them even spend years voluntarily helping other Excel users on forums or discussion groups and earning MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) titles. If you are looking for a guideline of how to use a certain function or create a simple functionality, you may find a galore of their content of various lengths and detail levels. Their content also varies in terms of entertainment to knowledge ratio to match different audiences.