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Microsoft's Excel is the most popular piece of software used by analysts. Yet the scope of spreadsheet use differs depending on the analyst's skills and orientation towards industry knowledge. Robust Excel & VBA systems allow analysts to focus on interpreting data, building expertise and making insightful decisions instead of manually processing data.

What benefits spreadsheet developers & VBA programmers provide for analytics departments?

The short answer is that it depends on the scope of work of the department, its maturity and company size and how data-intensive your business area is. Depending on those parameters, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced manual work due to Excel automation with VBA macros

  • More robust, integrated processes thanks to careful evaluation and redesign of workflows

  • Improved control over analytics with the lean operational model

  • Drastically decreased occurrence of errors due to systems of input constraint, diagnostic controls & smart automation

  • Flawless collaboration between departments with high-level data systems improvement

  • Strengthen business continuity made available with process documentation, manuals, procedure recordings and role defining

  • More enjoyable work with high-level control over processes and expertise

  • Organised digital workplace thanks to data management systems we introduce 

Which industries use Excel for sector-specific analytics? 

If you are looking for solutions related to specific sectors of the economy rather than general firm & business analytics, we deliver them for the following industries as well as for small companies that might require bespoke systems.

·        Banking & Financial Markets

·        Consulting

·        Creative Industries

·        Education, Academic & Scientific

·        Engineering & Technology

·        Hospitality & Travel

·        Infrastructure & Telecommunications

·        Insurance

·        Legal

·        Leisure & Local Business

·        Logistics (Including Warehousing & Transportation)

·        Manufacturing & Food Production

·        Media - Print, Visual & Audiovisual

·        Medical & Pharmaceutical

·        Professional/Business Services & Outsourcing

·        Property Market

·        Wholesale, Retail & E-Commerce

What Excel & VBA solutions can Spreadsheet Developers create for data analists?

Analysts not only convert data into insights but also maintain and own systems that produce them and interpret the data. Below we list generic tools analysts use in the vast majority of companies.

Excel dashboards

Dashboards are more convincing than data tables, especially for non-analysts. Make sure that those created in Excel and Power BI combine right data selection and optimal level of detail with visual clarity.

Let us create dashboards that send a powerful business message that prompts action. We will build a comprehensive data-driven panel, using appropriate graphs, charts and tables for all types of analytical visualisations, including KPI & project management. You will have control over data that's plugged to the interactive dashboard. Depending on your requirements and technical skills of users, we can include all analytical tools. Think of slicers, pivot table reports and various fancy widgets, like speedometer & gauges for sales targets or even maps to present volumes by region. Or the variances and stress testing for budgets and financial goals.

Business & Management Reports

Depending on the industry, your business and management reports may vary, but they always have to be concise and clear.
We develop spreadsheet reports related to business performance. They may be regarding the financial performance or focus on various metrics nominated by the board or general manager of the business. We focus on making them readable and actionable for stakeholders. We collaborate with clients to determine the desired scope of reporting and to automate the creation with the use of VBA macros. You may choose or customise the granularity level of data as well as types of deliverables. We are proficient in visualising data with all kinds of graphs and charts.

Client reports

It is a very demanding part of the analytical function. Client reporting analysts need to provide the appropriate scope of insights that support client services while considering different analytical literacy of recipients. As data experts for the client accounts, the quality of their output is often perceived as an indicator of the company service quality. Use spreadsheets enriched with VBA macros to generate reports in seconds. Choose the basic customisation parameters inside the workbook or user form (such as report type, file format, scope or date range) and obtain branded report in seconds or minutes. Our reporting solutions in Excel are always tailored to your requirements and audience. You may decide to present your client only the visual and aggregated data while retaining the granular data. Alternatively, you might as well produce reports that give top-to-bottom access to your data. That way, the report user can review high-level information such as the use of your project or performance metrics and revise details only if necessary.

Operational analytics workbooks

Purpose-oriented systems empower data experts that provide analytics for company operations. They allow them to fully integrate the process of gathering, cleansing, processing and converting data into insights. When creating and automating spreadsheet systems used to aid operational decision making, we strive to understand the business purpose to improve the whole process. Meaningful operational data builds long term advantage and fosters cross-departmental cooperation. We can audit your data pipelines, and recommend how you can improve your data capturing process, prevent errors early on. We will optimise your current analytical outputs and processing methods and also try to squeeze additional insights that will support your reporting, forecasting and budgeting or even scenario analysis.

Metric trackers

Analysts creating and maintaining systems that measure performance or efficiency often have to put a lot of effort into creating unbiased methodologies. Also assuring apple to apple comparisons and accurate capture of real-life features make measurement and performance systems a difficult tool to create.
We leverage our knowledge of process improvement methodologies like Lean Six Sigma and Prince2 to assure alignment between metrics and business goals. We develop systems that isolate relevant metrics and back them up with appropriately cleansed and processed data. With our consultancy and bespoke metrics dashboards, you can influence your operational, HR and other decisions.

Benchmark & competition reports

Depending on the industry, the analysis of competition might have lower or greater importance. Frequently it requires collating data from different sources, including the use of third party data.
We help you leverage qualitative and quantitative data to benchmark your company performance against the competitor and industry. Like it or not, but we are obsessed with assuring accuracy and business sense of such data - both on micro and macro level of analysis. Applying the layer of business knowledge of your industry on top of that creates a comprehensive picture of the competitive landscape in your environment.

Planning & operational forecasting models in Excel

Analysts often engage with business planning to aid budget development or adjust operational capacity. Such forecasting processes are very specific to company size, industry and maturity. Sometimes business planning analysts are able to reach statistical confidence over 90%, but in cases of highly seasonal industries, it might be instead of making educated guesses.
We facilitate your planning efforts with spreadsheet systems that leverage your knowledge. We will leverage your understanding of seasonality, special events and different growth scenarios. Creating a fully integrated forecasting system of a business often requires cooperation between the heads of various departments. Very often, a one time project can result in setting standards for many subsequent years. After creating a perfect forecasting model, the chances are you will use it repetitively, up to the point when your business structure will be completely different.

Extract, transform, load (ETL) systems

You might use Python or SQL for that, but using Excel with the help of VBA will lt you involve users that are not skilled programmers. Furthermore, CV & XLS are some of the most popular formats of data generated from cloud systems & software for almost all company functions.
VBA macros that clean and adjust your data extracts are very easy to use. They are the best solution if you process manually submitted data requires some level or manual control. Smart preselection systems programmed in Visual Basic for Excel can flag some transactions or data rows and identify patterns. Similarly, advanced mapping and conditional processing of data could be easily done with the looping systems in VBA, allowing you to process and upload your data in seconds or minutes.

Data cleansing & structuring spreadsheets

Manual data processing is one of the significant reasons for resignation and burnout of data analysts. And data may come in very unstructured and tangled ways... Which is often just industry-specific.
We help with all aspects of data management. Think of data taxonomy and classification, creation of lists, descriptions and manuals. Consider automated checks performed by Excel programmes. We also consider the full route that your data follows so you may also expect from us respectful suggestions regarding small changes related to data capturing, client surveying and design of systems that gather your data. Our goal is to find a balance between the purity of your "building blocks" and business robustness of your processes.

Excel lists & catalogues of other files

Think of this moment when you discover three almost identical files with generic names indicating client name with the month and you do not know which one is the correct one. Keeping folders clean and file inventories up to date are the augmentation of having a clean desk.
We help you to tame the chaos of high volumes of files. We create spreadsheets that list your files and support cataloguing of them. We do in a semi-automated way, using VBA macros combined with our process improvement expertise and your knowledge of your file inventory. That may seem trivial, but imagine how much time your colleagues spend on searching for files or how profound the consequences of sending the wrong report to your client could be.

Excel databses

Excel is a robust and easy to use data repository. That's especially the case if we have less than half a million data points/rows and prefer to visualise or search them without writing queries as in SQL or MS Access.
We are happy to create for your databases that will be easy to navigate through and search. We will tailor their mechanics to match the spreadsheet proficiency of users. We may use user forms for submission of data, create different user profiles, constrain editing access and prevent errand inputs with diagnostic messages and cell restrictions. You will be able to search them easily, and the technical documentation will allow new users to pick them up quickly. We also integrate them with your reports, whether they regard just the inventory or are required by your accounting department.

Real-time reporting with Power BI & other analytics packages

We are happy to connect your cloud-stored or web-originated data to Excel or create Power BI reports. That's especially useful for fast-paced industries or self-service reporting where you want the recipient to be able to check the (almost) real-time data at their convenience. We also integrate Excel with other reporting software through the use of macros with API or appropriate data processing.

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