Excel & VBA Consulting for Analytics & Business Intelligence 

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Microsoft's Excel is the most popular piece of software used by analysts. Yet the scope of spreadsheet use differs depending on the analyst's skills and orientation towards industry knowledge. Robust Excel & VBA systems allow analysts to focus on interpreting data, building expertise and making insightful decisions instead of manually processing data.

What benefits spreadsheet developers & VBA programmers provide for analytics departments?

The short answer is that it depends on the scope of work of the department, its maturity and company size and how data-intensive your business area is. Depending on those parameters, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced manual work due to Excel automation with VBA macros

  • More robust, integrated processes thanks to careful evaluation and redesign of workflows

  • Improved control over analytics with the lean operational model

  • Drastically decreased occurrence of errors due to systems of input constraint, diagnostic controls & smart automation

  • Flawless collaboration between departments with high-level data systems improvement

  • Strengthen business continuity made available with process documentation, manuals, procedure recordings and role defining

  • More enjoyable work with high-level control over processes and expertise

  • Organised digital workplace thanks to data management systems we introduce 

Which industries use Excel for sector-specific analytics? 

If you are looking for solutions related to specific sectors of the economy rather than general firm & business analytics, we deliver them for the following industries as well as for small companies that might require bespoke systems.

·        Banking & Financial Markets

·        Consulting

·        Creative Industries

·        Education, Academic & Scientific

·        Engineering & Technology

·        Hospitality & Travel

·        Infrastructure & Telecommunications

·        Insurance

·        Legal

·        Leisure & Local Business

·        Logistics (Including Warehousing & Transportation)

·        Manufacturing & Food Production

·        Media - Print, Visual & Audiovisual

·        Medical & Pharmaceutical

·        Professional/Business Services & Outsourcing

·        Property Market

·        Wholesale, Retail & E-Commerce

What Excel & VBA solutions can Spreadsheet Developers create for data analists?

Analysts not only convert data into insights but also maintain and own systems that produce them and interpret the data. Below we list generic tools analysts use in the vast majority of companies.

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