Spreadsheet solutions for Project Management

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Excel is used in project management to aid decision making with analytics and to perform all the tasks that cannot be executed on cloud platforms. Extensive use of date and time tracking, financial return metrics, performance measurement and workflow analytics make programme and project managers heavy users of Excel

How programme and project managers benefit

from hiring Excel Consultant or VBA Programmer?

Smart Excel systems paired with appropriate implementation and documentation help project sponsors and participants:

  • Dynamically track progress with easy-to-use workbooks

  • Simplify and standardise reporting with Excel templates

  • Perform the financial evaluation of projects with financial metric calculations

  • Clearly visualise actionable metrics with charts and timelines

  • Painlessly handover tracking and processes with self-service, well-documented workbooks

What do our Excel Experts develop to aid project-related work?

Every project is different and thus every workbook we deliver is customised to match your requirements.

Take a look at this overview of most popular deliverables for programme and project managers.

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