Spreadsheet solutions for Project Management

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Excel is used in project management to aid decision making with analytics and to perform all the tasks that cannot be executed on cloud platforms. Extensive use of date and time tracking, financial return metrics, performance measurement and workflow analytics make programme and project managers heavy users of Excel

How programme and project managers benefit

from hiring Excel Consultant or VBA Programmer?

Smart Excel systems paired with appropriate implementation and documentation help project sponsors and participants:

  • Dynamically track progress with easy-to-use workbooks

  • Simplify and standardise reporting with Excel templates

  • Perform the financial evaluation of projects with financial metric calculations

  • Clearly visualise actionable metrics with charts and timelines

  • Painlessly handover tracking and processes with self-service, well-documented workbooks

What do our Excel Experts develop to aid project-related work?

Every project is different and thus every workbook we deliver is customised to match your requirements.

Take a look at this overview of most popular deliverables for programme and project managers.

Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt Charts are the most popular tools used by project managers. When properly designed, they make the work much easier and clearly outline the task dependencies.

Use Google Sheets or Excel for planning your projects. We create custom Gantt Chart workbooks that provide you with all the relevant project statistics, automatically tracking task duration, backlog, leeway and more. You are able to visually evaluate projects with clear graphs and charts. Our systems let you gather statistics for performance reports and flag any delays and relevant project issues.

Performance trackers

Measure and control the efficiency of project participant with KPI dashboards and performance metrics. Compare the performance of your team members or project participants. Benchmark and measure against set targets. Generate reports and summaries in the format of your choice (e.g. XLS, PDF, PPT). Assure the appropriate level of confidentiality and aggregation to comply with the regulation and company policies. Visualise work results with graphs, speedometers & charts to have the full control and be able to intervene when necessary.

Project financial calculators:

ROI, payback period, IRR, time value of money

Make educated decisions backed by financial calculations without the need to complete a financial mathematics course.

Use Excel to gather all relevant financial metrics related to your projects. Convince project sponsors with precise estimates of return on investment, internal rate of return, payback period. Create a comprehensive financial case with the appropriate level of detail in your analysis. Our user-friendly systems will support stress testing and scenario analysis and clearly show the impact of interest or discounting rate on the project as well as will allow you to modify the parameters of financial analysis.

Lean and statistical tools:
Pareto, fishbone, SWAT, product quality (Six Sigma) & more

Use smart tools that apply different management concepts. Visually present ideas and data. Leverage game theory & statistical analysis to assure predictability of output and minimise the standard deviation.

Workflow & process tools and generators

Use Excel to create workflows and integrate them with corresponding data. Convert process milestone tables into visually appealing workflows.

Resource use & cost trackers

Integrate measuring the use of inputs and project cost into your project management worksheets. Easily export and import reports to present them to the Programme Director, board or to send them to the Accounts.

Timesheets, milestone & time trackers

Quantify and measure the use of time with smart spreadsheets. Make sure that project stakeholders declare their time spending and task types in a controlled way that allows you to draw conclusions. Constrain input, standardise project metrics across epic or programs. Get high-level control over processes to avoid inefficient time allocation.

Additional solutions of your choice

No project is the same and thus we are happy to facilitate your demand for tools not mentioned here. Let us know what tools and spreadsheet systems you envision and we will help you evaluate them and develop viable Excel & VBA solutions for you.

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