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Modern marketing uses data to back up decision making. Spreadsheets are very versatile pieces of software to originate, process and store marketing metrics. Many marketing professionals also use it for dashboarding, analysing survey results, social media monitoring, storing graphics and even analysing statistical validity of A/B tests and correlations. 

Because of the volume of tasks, data and information, automation in marketing is crucial. It also stretches way beyond the analytics, covering social media posting, sending marketing emails and managing chatbots. Excel is not always sufficient but can be a great starting point or tool to enhance the functionalities of dedicated software.

How Marketing teams benefit  from Excel Consulting?

Our spreadsheet programmers will facilitate the work of your marketing teams by:

  • Eliminating repetitive work with the use of Excel VBA macros

  • Visualising actionable metrics with neat dashboards and dynamic reports

  • Improving cooperation with other departments through smart collaborative templates

  • Aiding survey processing with integrated spreadsheet workflows

  • Making content planning easy with dynamic scheduling resources and calendars

  • Simplifying keyword selection process with analytical algorithms and solver optimisation 

What tools spreadsheet programmers provide for marketing?

Check our list of sample templates, visualisation systems, planners, calendars and data processing workbooks.

Sales funnel dashboards & charts

There is no efficiency without tracking accurate marketing metrics, especially those that describe your sales funnels.

Gather statistics from Google Analytics, Google My Business, Yandex Metrica, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag and other tools to create custom reports. Use our custom made templates to focus on metrics that really matter and create a comprehensive picture of your marketing efforts and see what converts.

Marketing metrics trackers for social media or PPC

Track engagement likes & follows on multiple social platforms as well as paid ads metrics in one Excel workbook to enable full-spectrum analytics.

Interactive content calendars (website, social media)

Create comprehensive content calendars that lt you track deadlines, SEO-relevant parameters, keyword targets and volumes and more. Use Excel for data-driven content planning to efficiently track your company's content creation.

Vector graphics repository

Searching for relevant graphics takes time. Have you known that Excel could be surprisingly efficient for that?

List or even deposit all your vector graphics in Excel and use keywords or tags to make searching easier. Have a list of hyperlinks to graphics locations, set graphic use standards and track which ones are used most frequently.

Questonaire design & analytics spreadsheets

Voice of customer initiatives are crucial for effective communication with the client. And there is no VoC without efficient surveys.

Get help with converting results into statistically valid conclusions and visualise them. Squeeze as much impactful insight as data will allow you.

A/B testing templates, statistical & econometrics validation

The appropriate use of descriptive and mathematical statistics s well as econometrics is what earns the trust of analysts and IT professionals. It is however not easy to navigate through statistical hypothesis testing without the use of statistical software.

Microsoft's Excel is one of the most user-friendly tools for statistical analysis. You can use various statistical functions and tests to determine the strength and validity of your A/B test, calibrate them and minimise the error risk. Our spreadsheet solutions will make correlation and regression easy and will let you focus on making decisions and optimising your choices instead of diving too deep into the mathematical part of it.

Bespoke tools of your choice

Every company has a unique marketing strategy and we are happy to find solutions that match your goals. Whether you need something tailored to match your marketing channel coverage, technological stack or unique approach, we will most likely be able to find suitable Excel & VBA solution for you.

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