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Modern marketing uses data to back up decision making. Spreadsheets are very versatile pieces of software to originate, process and store marketing metrics. Many marketing professionals also use it for dashboarding, analysing survey results, social media monitoring, storing graphics and even analysing statistical validity of A/B tests and correlations. 

Because of the volume of tasks, data and information, automation in marketing is crucial. It also stretches way beyond the analytics, covering social media posting, sending marketing emails and managing chatbots. Excel is not always sufficient but can be a great starting point or tool to enhance the functionalities of dedicated software.

How Marketing teams benefit  from Excel Consulting?

Our spreadsheet programmers will facilitate the work of your marketing teams by:

  • Eliminating repetitive work with the use of Excel VBA macros

  • Visualising actionable metrics with neat dashboards and dynamic reports

  • Improving cooperation with other departments through smart collaborative templates

  • Aiding survey processing with integrated spreadsheet workflows

  • Making content planning easy with dynamic scheduling resources and calendars

  • Simplifying keyword selection process with analytical algorithms and solver optimisation 

What tools spreadsheet programmers provide for marketing?

Check our list of sample templates, visualisation systems, planners, calendars and data processing workbooks.

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