Excel Consulting for Sales & Business Development 

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Microsoft's Excel is a convenient choice for sales professionals when they need to handle data or manage lead lists. It is also commonly used for generating quotations, sharing pricing calculators and tracking sales volumes.

How can sales teams benefit from using services

of Excel Expert or VBA macro Programmer?

Salespeople don't like to handle spreadsheets that require unnecessary manual work. We know that really well and focus on solutions that bring value.

We will create or improve your sales spreadsheets so you can easily export data and focus on decision making. Let us know what metrics and KPIs matter to your teams and we will illustrate them. Errors are not an option as we prevent them with smart lists and input containing.

Refreshing dashboards and generating reports can also be automated requiring you to just click on a button to get it.

Our spreadsheet specialists make the sales process easier and less time consuming by:

  • Providing you with smart pricing systems in Excel

  • Letting you generate customised client presentations with Excel, PowerPoint & PDF integrations

  • Allowing you to generate invoices and quotations with just a few clicks using VBA macros

  • Converting your sales data to reports automatically with intelligent templates

  • Aiding expense and mileage reporting with easy-to-use trackers

  • Improving your collaboration with product and marketing thanks to integrated workbook systems

  • Simplifying creation and maintenance of budgets & revenue projections

  • Reorganising your product databases to make them easy to use

What our spreadsheet programmers can create for you?

We create all the useful tools and files you can imagine. Our focus is on ease of use, error prevention and visual clarity.

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