Excel & VBA support for Recruiters

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When not using online recruitment systems, talent sourcing specialists often process candidate information in spreadsheets. Many of them also test candidate Excel skills.

How can your recruitment department benefit from Excel Consulting?

Our solutions will help you:

  • Test candidate Excel proficiency

  • Assess numerical, financial and industry-specific skills with smart, automated testing and grading

  • Reduce manual work when using spreadsheets

  • Generate recruitment reports and statistics with user-friendly templates

  • Send customised bulk emails directly from workbooks, using macros

  • Aid decision-making when shortlisting candidates recorded Excel tables

What our Excel Consultants can develop for your recruiters and headhunters?

If you use Excel in some capacity, we can likely make it more efficient. We also provide solutions for Excel testing.

Custom-made and generic Excel skill tests

For many candidates, Excel will be the most frequently used tool in their future role. The result of a tailor-made spreadsheet skills test is one of the most accurate predictors of how the employee will perform in the role. It also gives the candidate a chance for a sneak peek of what their work will look like what lowers the chances of a selected candidate turning down the offer.

Don't settle for mass-produced general tests. Assure precise testing that evaluates Excel skills, industry knowledge other technical skills. We have different solutions to match the candidate volumes and your testing requirements. We will create a test with data very similar to what your employees use, but anonymised. They will face tasks almost identical to what your employees do every day. You will get their results automatically. You will also be able to add the appropriate level or randomisation to make sure that no test is the same and assure a fair assessment.

Depending on your needs, you can have us develop a test template or even a control panel workbook that will allow you to generate tests of various length, difficulty and standardisation. We can accommodate your needs for case study testing (such as for management consulting), financial mathematics knowledge evaluation, statistical and econometrics focus and much more.

Recruitment reports & dashboards

Gather recruitment statistics to have control over efficiency and reporting. Use Excel templates to track relevant information such as time to hire or fill, distribution and efficiency of recruitment channels, hiring ratios and to track cost metrics. Measure cot per hire on different channels and integrate it with exports and feeds of different software. Visualise your recruitment funnels and lifecycles as well as your recruitment team performance KPIs.

Email sending tools in Excel

Use Excel as a tool for sending candidate emails. Provide short feedback originated from a workbook table or send the bulk of thank you emails with just one button. Fully customise your emails, having automated tool use candidate name, job position, email, department name and other variable fields.

Candidate databases

If you prefer to use a custom made spreadsheet database to store your candidate data, we are happy to develop it for you and integrated with your other files and reporting. Track all the metric and constrain the input with lists and data format restrictions. Generate reports and quickly search for candidates that match certain criteria. Add notes, dates when you last contacted candidates and their availability. You may also send emails in bulk, straight from the workbook.

Recruitment cost trackers

Track the cost of agencies, job board use, job fares and all other channels you use. Gather everything in one workbook for better clarity and control. You can also integrate it with other spreadsheets and generate reports and information for your colleagues in accounting.

More spreadsheet solutions for recruitment

Let us know what other Excel & VBA systems might help your work and we will create them for you.

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